A Simplified Way Of Learning And Growth

Why Saral Education

Most children in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven life are unable to realize their full potential. There are multiple factors, some created by adults and society, which hold our youngsters back. The increasing pressure of society and educational system often distracts children instead of motivating them.

In the wake of the above children may suffer from low-self-esteem that may eventually assume the form of a neurosis or a mental health issue. Under these circumstances the child may get disinterested in studies and that may even lead to his dropping out of school. Due to lack of interest and concentration he may be labelled as inattentive in class, one who gets easily distracted, lazy etc.

Numerous causes may be responsible for this kind of behaviour like chronic illness, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of concentration, behavioural or emotional issues.

Signs among children that call for attention

  • Child is bunking classes
  • Being bullied by other children
  • Feeling disconnect with school environment
  • Disinterest in school subjects
  • Stays aloof from other children

If you visit a healthcare professional or clinical psychologist he or she will look into the child’s medical history, family background social interaction and do his psycho-analysis.

However, simply looking into the mind and psychology of a child may not suffice to help the child overcome the challenges of today’s lifestyle and educational system.

A need has therefore been felt by parents for an all-encompassing approach that goes beyond the conventional paradigm of addressing child’s behavioural issues.

Saral Education offers such a solution that addresses the child’s issues from a multi-dimensional perspective and fixes the root-cause of the problem. As per this unique approach, the child or his social milieu is nowhere to be blamed. It is simply the child’s disconnection with Universal energy that manifests itself in different ways that we observe.

Saral Education resolves this key issue based on four Sciences of Direction, Structure, Energy and Chakras that helps your children get coupled with the abundant energy around us. Once this is achieved, their thought process is transformed and they feel inspired to achieve great things in life.