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My 6-year old does not study – how can I help

“My son is 6 years old and is in standard 1. He does not take interest in studies and his mind is always wandering here and there. Yesterday, I met his teacher and came to know that he is not paying attention in class and not able to understand what is being taught in the class.” A disturbed Parent from Karnataka.

“I know my daughter is not comfortable with writing and hates writing a lot every day. When I see her handwriting there are no spaces between the words and frequent spelling mistakes but I don’t know how to help.” Another confused Parent from Maharashtra.

Such complaints are common from parents of children in the age group of 4 to 8.5 years. While growing up your child is bound to go through highs and lows in their early childhood. Lack of interest is not uncommon among children in these budding years. There could be numerous factors that may be responsible for it:-

  • Uncomfortable home & school environment: Although, you may have ensured that your children have been admitted to the best school available in your area, they may still not be comfortable in the school environment. It’s quite possible that the school environment makes your child uncomfortable, not inspiring and not suitable for studying or learning that you may not be aware of.
  • Subjects not interesting: It’s natural for school going children to dislike a particular subject. There is a tendency to neglect it and not score well in it. As a parent, you need to identify the factors that led to your children getting disinterested in their subject.

So, being a parent of children in the above age group, not taking interest in studies calls for some serious action on your part. If your child goes astray at such a tender age it could become a matter of concern for the entire family and pose a threat on his future. Closely observe your children and monitor their daily schedule. If your children are demotivated and not taking interest in studies then you must do something about it.

While, considering the conventional options available like counselling or medication, you can also adopt a unique approach based on four great sciences of direction, structure, energy and chakras. This involves connecting with universal energy and rightly activating your child’s seven chakras.

The unique scientific approach based on metaphysical concepts has worked for many and can definitely help your children overcome demotivation in studies. Choose this unique approach to handling the learning and behavioural problems of your children today!