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Is Your Child Facing Problems in Education?

Welcome to Saral Education Abhiyaan

We invite you all to join Saral Education Abhiyaan, a mass public movement of Saral Education initiative that seeks to empower future generations of our nation! A brainchild of Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji, a renowned modern-day Indian guru and philanthropist, Saral Education seeks to create a happy and enlightened society in the future. By collaborating with parents, Saral Education endeavours to help children realize their full potential and overcome their learning and cognitive difficulties. A unique scientific solution for spreading light of self-awareness among children, Saral Education is based on the Four Sciences of Direction, Structure, Energy and Chakras that addresses root-causes of education problems among children. Let’s join hands in creating a society of enlightened and self-aware individuals through the Saral Education Abhiyaan!

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Why Saral Education?

Address the Root Cause

Build Foundation Knowledge

Experience Your Child Evolve

Education is the key to success. But the current systems are designed for groups and not to support personalized growth.

Our scientific approach recommends specific action steps for individuals.


  • 2,00,000 +

    Cases of


  • 15 %

    Cases of

    Improved Concentration

  • 47 %

    Cases of

    Improved Academics

  • 16 %

    Cases of

    Regaining Confidence


“My wife used to have a tough time in waking up Kavya during exams. Nowadays, with Saral Education, it has become natural for Kavya to wake up early in the morning and study on her own!”

Mr. Pakkirswamy

“We are so relieved and stress free now to see our children confident of their own capabilities. After following Saral Education guidelines, they study by themselves, without our pressure.”

Mr. Venkatesh Kamath

“After adopting Saral Education, both my daughters exceeded our expectation! The younger one scored 93% and elder one 77% in their exams!”

Mr. Bhoomeshwaraiah

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