Saral Education works on principles of Four Sciences — Direction Science, Structure Science, Energy Science and Chakra Science. The combination of all these 4 sciences results in an education friendly home. Our Services are not limited to any specific academic curriculum in nature, nor a substitute for any school or learning system. Our concept focuses on building the foundation knowledge of children and help Parents utilize the natural process of learning.

Saral Education aims to balance the energies in the house. Saral Education is not a study advice nor a guidance for a specific learning problem. By balancing energies in the house and guiding Parents, the concept aims to create learning friendly environment for the children staying in the house. So it is agnostic of any educational challenge. It is a concept to convert your homes into education friendly homes which in turn can enable the children in the house to enjoy education, learning & growing up.

Saral Education does not advice on any specific syllabus or study path. Saral Education does not advice discontinuing of any tuition or coaching classes that is being undertaken by the children who want to benefit from Saral Education concept. The Saral Education Concept is independent of any other intervention.

Any family that adopts Saral Education Concept wholeheartedly in their house can feel and observe changes in their child in the window of 7 to 180 days. The exact time taken depends on the compliance by you, percentage of defects and topography of your house as Saral Education aims to balance the energies in the house.

Absolutely yes! It does not matter whether you stay in a rented or in your own house. Saral Education concept can be implemented and children’s education can be improved even in rented house.

Saral Education Concept can be adopted by calling us on 9335456001. After understanding your current problems and after your readiness to adopt Saral Education we will schedule a visit of our representative to your house. Our representative shall assess the layout of your house and advise you on changes to be done in your house which will enable your children to look at learning & education in a positive light.

Yes! You can avail our services by calling us on 9335456001. Very shortly you shall be able to adopt Saral Education services from the comfort of your homes with help of Saral Education App.

Saral Education aims to balance the energies in the house, so it is applicable for all children staying in the house. Apart from some specific guidelines that relate to each child’s unique date of birth, all other suggestions will prove beneficial for all children in the house.

No, there are no pre-requisites to adopt Saral Education. It is a simple way of ensuring good education for all children in your family to complement their existing routine and schooling. Our concept is as universal as the law of gravitation; it does not differentiate people based on their religion, place of origin or economic status.

Yes, you need to submit your children’s education details to our Education Advisors who will examine the relevant documents as provided by you. If you have opted for our telephonic counselling then you shall forward all relevant documents etc. through a digital mode e.g. email, WhatsApp etc. as required by our Education Advisor. Said information is collected only to ascertain the genuineness and correctness of your child’s problems.

Not necessarily. You can call us for telephonic counselling with our Education Advisor. Post counselling if you give your consent for adopting services under Saral Education, we can schedule visit of our experts to your house.