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My 12-year old son answers me back. I am sick of his behaviour!

“My 12 year old son Akash has made my life miserable. He not only argues with me, but answers me back whenever I ask him to do anything, while also I often get to hear complaints about him in school. I have tried everything under the sun but all my efforts have gone in vain. He does not work hard for studies and put in adequate efforts to complete his homework,” says Mr. Puneet Duggal, 40, from Bengaluru.

Being a parent, you may feel upset, worried and uncertain as to how to handle this kind of behaviour. You must be wondering how to react, when such a conversation transpires between you and your teenage child. Earlier he used to be obedient and respect your views and now he seems rebellious and the simplest conversations are ending up into arguments. There are reasons behind your child behaving in this manner.


This kind of behaviour may not be observed among all adolescents. However, being rude or disrespectful is a part of the growth and development of all adolescents. Not all adolescents will be rude or disrespectful, but acting like this is a normal part of teenage growth and development. This is a sign your child is learning to voice out his opinion and standing by his opinion. This is the first step to his becoming independent and attaining his freedom. It is a part of this growing up.

Moreover, as a part of growing up many adolescents become moody as their brains are growing and developing. The changes that are happening impact the emotional centre of the brain that could cause over-sensitivity and rapid swings in moods and attitudes.

This phase of the teenage marks the beginning of emotional and mental development, when the adolescent begins to think deeply than he did a few years back. They may begin to think and feel the way they never did before. This is the time, when these youngsters come up with the most radical and opposing views on almost everything.


Conventional approaches would advise you to resolve the problem the child is facing based on prima facie facts. However, there is a novel approach that looks into the root causes of your child’s problem. With this innovative approach you will not only be able to address the apparent disrespectful and obnoxious behaviour of your child but also look into the underlying causes of it.

The unique approach to handling learning and behavioural issues in children and adolescents is based on the four sciences of Direction, Structure, Energy and Chakras. As per the four-science theory of Saral Education the cause of your child’s obnoxious behaviour could be lurking in the corners of your home and could be addressed by making the right directional and structural choices at home.

The resultant effect could be seen in terms of positive energy flow and activation of the chakras helping the child reach an optimal state of self-awareness. In this enlightened state pre-teens get the right kind of wisdom and judgement to be sensitive and discreet about their behaviour. So, to get to the root of this problem and build a solid foundation for future, Saral Education invokes the inborn capability of our youngsters!