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Board exams are nearing - My teenage child is unable to handle it!

“My teenage son is in standard 10th and his board exams are just a few months away. The pressure of exams is really making him disturbed. Although, he spends a lot of time with his books every day, he is unable to learn and understand the subjects. He often gets dreadful thoughts about exams and even nightmares. His teachers also reported during the parent-teacher meet that he is not faring well in the regular tests and he seems to be apprehensive and stressed when it comes to appearing for a test or an exam. I am really worried about my child and how will he handle his board exams,” says a parent of a 16 year-old from Mumbai.

Anxiety related to exams is not uncommon among teenagers and school-going children these days. Exaggerated fears about exam invariably gets developed among school-going children due to negative reinforcement about exams on the part of people who influence them or whom they look up to like their parents and/or teachers.

Anxiety is a common emotion that we all experience time and again. It is an innate and spontaneous reaction to any kind of threat or danger in the environment. Factors like tests, examination, playing a sport can cause anxiety to your teenage child.

However, some teenagers have an intense reaction to stressful situations. It may assume the form of a neurosis such that even the mere thought of an anxious situation would make him feel uneasy or distressed.

Teenage anxiety

Anxiety during teenage years is hard to deal with. Your teenage child may go through different shades of emotions and it would be difficult to recognize your feelings. Also, identifying the various factors that provoke anxiety also helps. At times, even accepting that a particular situation causes stress and preparing to handle it can bring down the level of anxiety.

A teenager goes through a multitude of changes and uncertainties and anxiety does creep in, when he is unable to cope with the changes and uncertain scenarios. They may be confronted with unimaginable facts on a daily basis that their parents may also not be aware of. However, most of the time, the anxiety problem that occurs in teenagers is not real and is a matter of imagination and exaggerated fears. The anxiety could range from fear of failure, being abused, bullied or punished.

For some teenagers it’s a chronic disorder that interferes with their daily activities and impairing their performance. They keep aloof from people and family and isolate themselves from social activities. Anxiety sometimes is confined to generalized feelings of uneasiness but at a later stage takes an extreme form and causes attacks of anxiety.

A new ray of hope

However, there is nothing to worry. The GOOD NEWS is that a novel approach has emerged that goes into the root-causes of your child’s problem rather than addressing the problem as such. The unique approach known as Saral Education is based on the four Sciences of Direction, Structure, Energy and Chakra. The four sciences address the root-causes of teenager’s anxious behaviour hidden in the corners of your home and help them connect with natural energy of the universe. This empowers them to overcome anxious behaviour and develop a positive outlook towards exam and other kinds of stress and pressure.