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My adolescent child is on drugs – how to help him?

“Dad my favourite song is Bob Marley’s Ganja Gun”, my 17-year old teenage son, Vicky often tells me. The other day, he grabbed my cell phone and played it on YouTube. I was stunned, when he told me that Ganja (Cannabis) takes away all my tension and pain and even sang the lyrics of the song: ‘I’m gonna smoke the Ganja until, I go blind, you know I am smoking the Ganja all the time’ - I was wondering, what on earth made him do drugs, and how did he manage to hide it from me,” says Sandeep Sinha, 48, from Delhi.


  • Low self-esteem: As per a survey, teenagers indulge in substance abuse to make them feel acceptable and trendy among their peers. Invariably, they have a low sense of self-worth that is dependent on the approval from others. The desire for being socially accepted could even urge them to adopt destructive behaviours although they could be detrimental to them. The same survey also revealed that over 60% of the teenagers do drugs to feel confident and strong.

  • Stress and pressure : It’s been reported that majority of the teenagers who choose to take drugs are under some or the other kind of stress or pressure at school or home. However, only a small number of parents acknowledge that stress is a major factor that instigates them to go for drugs. The impact of stress has always been underestimated by parents at large.

  • Masked depression: The underlying cause of teenagers opting for drugs could be resentment, repressed feeling, pent up emotions and even depression that could be masked or undiagnosed. Many adolescent children are oblivious of the fact that they have depressive tendencies or mental disorders.

  • Lack of awareness: Many adolescent people are not aware about the hazards associated with drug abuse. Many children are not aware about the potential hazards associated with consuming illegal drugs and over-the-counter medicines and abuse them to get over stress or depression.

  • Easy availability: A good reason, why most of the adolescents like to try drugs is that they are easily available. Some teenagers have easy access to illegal drugs like Marijuana, while some of them can easily procure prescription drugs.

Incidence of Drug Abuse among teenagers

In today’s socio-cultural landscape, teenagers invariably become prone to different kinds of addictions and substance abuse. There is a tendency to experiment and explore new activities and substances. As per global statistics, the evil of drug abuse is on the rise among teenagers. Besides, cocaine, marijuana and other drugs like Ecstasy are being increasingly used among adolescents. As per a study, the foremost abused drugs by adolescents are: Cannabis (32%), Vicodin (10%), Amphetamines (8%), cough medicines (7%) and sedatives and tranquilizers (7%). In the absence of a proper treatment and deaddiction support, drug abuse on adolescents can lead to dire consequences on them that could carry forward to their adulthood and later life.

Helping your distressed child

When we talk of substance abuse, the first thing that would come to our mind is to send our child to a rehabilitation centre. Sending your child to a rehabilitation centre would definitely help him withdraw the drugs but may not address his emotional and mental insecurity that urged him to do drugs. A novel approach to addressing the behavioural and emotional needs of your child has been invented through years of extensive research. This unique scientific solution is known as Saral Education. The approach is based on the Four Sciences of Direction, Structure, Energy and Chakra. As per the four-science theory of Saral Education, the root causes of your child’s feeble-mindedness and vulnerability to substance abuse could be lurking somewhere at your home or the place where he studies.

The same could be addressed by making the right directional and structural choices at home or study based on the four-science theory. The resultant effect may be found in terms of enhancement of positive energy flow, followed by activation of the chakras in the body. When the chakras get activated the child would attain a state of self-awareness that would allow him to exercise his mental strength and will power to stop using drugs and depend on them for this emotional and psychological needs. So, what are you waiting for? It’s high time you choose a remedial approach that gets to the root causes of your child’s problem and offer an in-depth and sustainable solution. Choose Saral Education now to make a difference in your child’s life!