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About Saral Education

Saral Education is an innovative and novel approach to addressing the behavioural and learning problems of children through the four Sciences of Direction, Structure, Energy and Chakra.

The pace at which contemporary world is progressing is more than what the prevailing education system can handle. Learning is getting more and more challenging in this scenario for the upcoming generations.

Hence, a strong need has been felt by parents for an innovative approach or technique to handle the evolving modern society and the educational system.

As per the aforementioned four-science theory of Saral Education, the behaviour and learning of children is impacted by the interplay of directions they adopt, framework of their house, flow of energy in the surrounding and the consequent impact on energy centres (chakras) of the body.

Saral Education goes into the root-causes of children’s behaviour and cognitive abilities and endeavours to look at their problem from a multi-dimensional perspective. The root-causes of their problems like lack of concentration or focus in their studies could be attributed to the misalignment of directions and lack of connectedness with Universal energy, while studying or doing their daily chores.

As per Direction Science, using the direction that is favourable for you based on the day, month and year you were born can help you connect with the cosmic energy and make you more productive or resourceful in life. So with the use of the right direction the child in question can help overcome obstacles related to learning and behaviour.

The next thing to be considered is the kind of framework of the house or the room used by the child. There are certain segments of the house or the room that are related to learning or education. The science of structure throws light on how to make use of those sections for helping your child learn effectively and be interested in education.

This will have a resultant impact on the flow of energy across the house that is explained by energy science. So when all these three sciences are rightly applied and coordinated, the chakras or energy centres in child’s body get activated and the child is able to connect with the natural energy of universe.

Saral Education aims at achieving this perfect harmony among the four aspects of direction, structure, energy and chakras for addressing a child’s learning and behavioural problems.

Once children realize their powerful potential and are free of these shackles, they can take charge of their learning. This is the secret to achieve wonders in their personal as well as professional life!